I first registered perpetualrevision.net many years ago (maybe around 2001?) to use as a central location for materials for all my writing & rhetoric courses, and I used it that way until around 2006, when I began setting up separate domains for each class. At that time, I wiped all the existing content from the site and forwarded the domain to my main “professional” site at amygoodloe.com

In January of 2014, I decided to remove the forwarder and start rebuilding this site, to use it as a place to post odd assortments of crafty tidbits, digital experiments, and random observations relating to my teaching and my life.

At some point in 2017, I decided to narrow the focus to the 3D graphics projects I’m working on as I learn enough to produce my own web-based graphic novel. So that’s what you’ll find here now, but who knows what the next revision holds!