Finding the Right Fit: An Animated Love Story

The personal experience that prompted this story is fairly specific, but I hope I’ve created it in a way that broadens who it might apply to.

Here’s the inside scoop: I never really fit in among straight people because even though I looked like them, I didn’t think like them. Likewise, the first group the main character in the story encounters shares her coloring, but their thoughts take unfamiliar shapes.

I also never really fit in among lesbians because even though their thoughts were often familiar to me, I didn’t look like them. Likewise, the second group in the story shares thoughts in the same shape as the main character’s, but their solid coloring is different.

It wasn’t until I met my partner that I found someone I could relate to on both levels: neither of us fits in with conventional “straight” or “lesbian” ways of thinking or being, which makes us a good fit for each other!

(I’m likely to continue working on this story, so this is just the first “take”)