Animation Experiments

I love to experiment with creative apps for iPad and Mac, just to see what’s possible both for my own creative projects and for students. Here I’ve gathered some of my (many!) experiments with animation, some of which are more “experimental” than others!


Short experiment in digitally drawn frame by frame animation, made with AnimationCreatorHD on an iPad Air.

Learning goal: bring “life” to the animated objects by making very small adjustments in their resting positions (rather than keeping them lined up perfectly, which looked too mechanical).


I made this just to test out some of the new features (and characters) in StickMotion for iPad. And to show what I’d want to happen if I ever kissed a frog who was once a person!


Just taking out for a spin (and making an overview for my storytelling students in the process).

PLOTAGON (Desktop)

I made this short video to convey some advice to my storytelling students and also to show them what’s possible in Plotagon. This was my first time using it, and I found it easy and fun!


Stick-person based animation is a lot of fun, given how easy it is. So I was thrilled to try out the new StickNodes for iPad. I’ve made a lot of little demos with it, including this one. First I created the dog, then I animated it doing silly dog motions.


This was one of my first tests using StickMotion for iPad. The awesome dragon comes with the app, along with a bunch of guy characters. I created the “princess” character using a downloadable paper puppet template that I cut into parts and assembled within StickMotion. For the effort involved, I should’ve used a much better quality puppet image, and a 3/4 rather than front-facing view!


My first attempt at stop motion animation with plasticine clay figures.

Filmed with iStopMotion for Mac, using an iPhone as the camera. The quality was crystal clear on my Mac, so I’m not sure what happened post-upload!

This was a test shot to help me figure out how to plan a larger story, since I’d never made stop motion with clay before.