My “new and improved” 3D character

I got somewhat derailed from making progress on my graphic novel when I realized that the figure I had chosen to use to create my character from just wasn’t going to be versatile enough for the job.

That figure was Cookie, by Lady Littlefox, who remains my favorite Poser figure, and she will still serve as the basis for AmyCk and CynCk, when I do renders of us together.

But after endless hours of experimenting with other toon-like figures, I finally broke down and decided to give Victoria 4.2 with the Aiko 4 morphs another try, and lo and behold, the problems I’d had using her in the past were no longer an issue. And WOW what a difference it makes to work with such a versatile figure!

So here she is, with the Anime Eyes add-on, a mashup of textures I made in Photoshop, a refit of Star’s Tilla hair, and the morphing fantasy dress with a custom transmap and texture. This version has red hair so she can serve as my current avatar, but the version for the graphic novel will be blonde.