PathFinder: TodHunter Moon, Book 1

PathFinder (TodHunter Moon, #1)

Author: Angie Sage
Year Published: 2014
Genre(s): middle-grades, fantasy

Finished on: June 10, 2015

My Rating: ★★★★★

My Review:

Oh, how I’ve missed the world of Septimus Heap!

At first I found the story a bit hard to get into, as I didn’t recall anything about PathFinders in the original series. But once Tod crossed paths with a few familiar characters, I knew I couldn’t wait to find out how her world would intersect with Septimus’s.

I loved getting the chance to revisit some beloved characters (now a few years older), but I also appreciated getting to know some new ones. And I’m so glad that the main character this time is a young girl, instead of a boy. I read tons of young adult and adult urban fantasy with strong female leads, but boys still seem to dominate the middle-grade fantasy world.

I particularly appreciate how Sage managed to blend in some of my favorite elements from the original series with new elements that kept the story feeling “fresh” and not like a rehash. I don’t know how well the story would stand “alone” (for those who’ve never read the Septimus Heap series), but fans of the series will most likely enjoy this story and be eager for more.