The Maze Runner (Maze Runner, #1)

My Review

Finished on: June 12, 2015

My Rating: ★★★☆☆

This is the sort of story I “should” really like, but it just didn’t really capture me. In part that’s due to the all-boy environment, and the way some of the boys react when an unconscious girl appears on the scene (though thankfully they stop being quite so obnoxious once she’s conscious).

The “reveal” near the end of who was responsible for sending kids to the glades was also a bit of a letdown, possibly because it just didn’t make much sense or wasn’t very interesting — certainly not as interesting as I’d been thinking it would be.

It’s possible the story suffered from all the hype around it, which had made me expect something more like The Hunger Games or Divergent. But those stories had much richer, more complex worlds as well as much more engaging characters.

I’m not sure if I’ll listen to the next in the series, esp. given how many other young-adult fantasies I have on my list.

Book Details

Author: James Dashner
Year Published: 2009