The Reunion – full draft

This is what I’d call a “rough cut” or full draft of an image I made in Poser, which is an application that lets you pose 3d figures made by others. You can control the scene composition and lighting and you can modify and customize each figure to fit your vision, but you don’t have to know how to make the original 3d figures, which requires a whole different set of skills.

Mavka and the Unicorn

I had a few goals in mind for composing this image. Mainly I wanted to show characters in motion, even in a still image, but I also wanted to evoke a sense of story. Given the title of “The Reunion,” viewers can guess that the fairy and unicorn have been separated for a while, which hints at a longer story. I’d love to continue working with this figures to tell more of the story (of how the unicorn got lost and then found her way back to the fairy), if I can find the time!

The fairy is based on the figure of Mavka, by Smay, and the unicorn is based on the figure of The Unicorn, by Lady Littlefox. The house is based on the Acorn House prop by Applejack. Mavka and the Acorn House are available at Renderosity, and the Unicorn is available at RuntimeDNA.