Thelma and Louise Say Hello

Thelma & Louise – 3D Models

This is my first “screen test” with Thelma and Louise, two little “junk drawer” creatures I originally made in clay and then decided to create in a 3D app for Mac called Cheetah3D.

Thelma & Louise – Clay Figures

These are the original clay figures for Thelma and Louise, although these are by no means the first versions I created in clay. It took several rounds of experimenting to come up with a wire armature suitable for animating and a design for the body and faces. The final versions are made from baked polymer clay over a wire and mesh armature, and only the arms and neck move for animation.


I really enjoyed working with clay, but I’m much more comfortable working in a digital environment, which is why I switched to the 3D models.

Now that I’ve created and rigged the 3D versions, I just need to get busy animating them!