This page is VERY MUCH a “work in progress”! I haven’t yet decided how to organize this info, nor have I tracked down all the links, but I wanted to at least put some basic info here for any Poser or DAZ Studio users who wander by and are curious to know which figures I used.

Almost all of my purchased content is from Renderosity or the DAZ3D Store, with a few items from Hivewire3D, Content Paradise, and PoserWorld. If you visit those sites and go wide-eyed at the prices, keep in mind that for site members, prices are MUCH lower and usually go even lower during sales (sometimes as low as “free”!). I’ve downloaded freebies from a wide variety of sites, but I’ve found the largest number on



All of my teen and adult human characters are based on the Poser figures known as Victoria 4.2 (V4) and Michael 4 (M4), both of which are old enough that it’s easy to find a lot of content for them (morphs, skins, hair, clothing, accessories) that’s either free or nearly free due to deep discounts for site members. Children are based on The Kids 4 (K4).

Some of my fairy characters are based on V4, M4 or K4, while others are based on stand-alone figures Mavka (by May), Amity (by 3DTubeMagic), or Vila (by Nursoda).

The horses are based on the Hivewire Horse.


I have most of the main morph packages for V4, but the only ones I actually use are Morphs++, Aiko (for body and head shapes), The Girl (for expressions), and CDI Faerime (for fine-tuning facial features). I’m using the Sasha-16 weight-mapped version of V4, which comes with so many useful morphs and adjustment tools that I no longer need the other packages.

I’ve used custom head morphs from character packages for a few of my characters, but Sara is entirely “dial spun” from Morphs++, Aiko, and CDI Faerime.

Skin & Eyes

Sara and Gladys both use Kari skin, but I used Photoshop to make Sara’s skin textures much more pale.


I have a variety of hair models set up for Sara, but early on she’ll be wearing Penny hair (pony tails on either side, with lavender bows). The texture is Gwenith Platinum.



Sara’s House Exterior

Dreamland Block 20, Home 7

Sara’s Bedroom

Room custom built in Cheetah3D
Armoire, Desk, Highboy and Vanity from the Reflections series by LaurieS

Academy Entry Exterior

Heavily customized portions from Castillo de Diablo along with terrain I made in Cheetah3D

Academy Entrance Chamber

AJ’s Marble Hall, with custom elements I made in Cheetah3D

Transit System

Hallway and platform: WestPark Tube Station
Transit Car: Cybertenko’s Airship Cabin
I heavily modified both models in Cheetah3D and also remapped them to make it easier to apply textures I created in Photoshop.