PJ Matsumoto & Family

The Matsumotos moved to New Skye when PJ was around 10, after the Lumen settlement in Japan disbanded under mysterious circumstances. They are the only Asian Lumens in the New Skye area.

Akira, Hiram, PJ, Yuki, Satomi

PJ Matsumoto – Sara’s and Carmen’s Friend

PJ enjoys hanging out with Sara and Carmen and engaging in high risk activities! He also likes snacks. A lot.


SKIN: LA3D Aubrey
MORPHS: Yukihiro
HAIR: Crazy Male Hair
CLOTHES: Dark Thorn Outfit, Bad Boy Outfit, Urban Wear Casual, Stylin’ Jeans

Akira – the Younger (and Smarter) Sister

Akira is good friends with Opal, who also hangs out with Sara and Carmen. She’s pretty sure she’s supposed to be older than PJ. Or at any rate, certainly wiser!

Akira’s sweet smile


SKIN: Adeline
HAIR: Nene Hair
UNIFORM: Nerd v. Preppy Schoolgirls Shirt and Skirt
DRESS: Floral Sundress (custom texture)