Sara & Carmen Go for a Trail Ride

As a way to make sure Sara’s gelding, Cully, and Carmen’s mare, Neasa, were “ready to go” when needed, I decided to set up this scene of Sara and Carmen going for a trail ride. What I discovered in the process is that Poser does NOT like having to manage all the various bits of digital info floating around in a file when you have two V4 figures with conforming clothes AND two HiveWire horses with conforming manes, tails, and tack.

I had anticipated that this scene would slow down Poser, so I first set up each horse/rider combo in separate files. Then I restarted my Mac, launched Poser and loaded the 2nd World Parks & Trails set into a new scene file, and imported each horse/rider combo. If the riders had come in with exactly the same poses I’d saved them with, all might’ve worked out fine. But both Sara’s and Carmen’s hands were no longer touching the reins, so I needed to make adjustments. And after about five minutes of tweaking hand and arm poses, Poser had slowed to a maddening crawl.

I finally managed to get a render with the characters looking more or less like they’re actually riding, but I wasn’t able to experiment with lighting and materials to offset the blue tone of the final result. I’ll come back to this eventually, as I anticipate wanting to do a variety of scenes with Carmen and Sara chatting while riding their ponies!


HORSES: HiveWire Horse
TACK: Classic Tack for HW Horse
SCENE: 2nd World’s Park & Trails