Sauscony – the Steampunk Fairy Companion

Sara has always loved fairies, and her father is an eccentric genius who combines steampunk mechanicals with futuristic smart gadget technology. So what better to receive for Sara’s 15th birthday than her very own steampunk fairy companion! But is she perhaps a little too “real” to be a mechanical?

This was just a test to see how the two figures worked together in a scene, and while the sizes work well, their skin tones clash a bit. Sauscony’s skin is a custom blend of MDD Clarice and VYK Pearl, but I need to tone down the oranges and also try different lighting for scenes with both characters.

I’m also not yet satisfied with her wings, as they need some sort of gearbox component, but I’m getting there!


WINGS: Fairy Tails Wings
SAUS OUTFIT: Clockwork Heart Outfit
SAUS HAIR: Reinoa (with custom mats)