Carmen Sinclair & Family

The Sinclairs are one of the Lumen founding families of New Skye.

Carmen, Mari, Dai, Agri, Ant

Carmen Sinclair – Sara’s Best Friend

I’ve re-made Carmen several times in an effort to get the right combination of saucy Argentine, compact bad-ass, and urban dyke.

The pose reel renders are from my first attempt, which was a bit too harsh for my tastes, but they helped me get a feel for Carmen’s body language and expressions.


SKIN: Celia
HAIR: PH Punk (custom texture)
POSE REEL OUTFIT: Bad Attitude Outfit by Lady Littlefox

Dai Sinclair – the Older Brother

Dai is a year older than Carmen. All the senior girls (and a few guys) swoon over Dai’s carefully cultivated messy looks!

“I’m too sexy for this uniform”


SKIN: LA3D Sebastian Grant
HAIR: Koz Long Hair
UNIFORM SHIRT: M401 Shirt and Tie (custom texture)
PANTS & BELT: Urban Wear Casual (custom texture)

Ant Sinclair – the Younger Brother

Ant is short for Erlantz, but he’d rather you not know that. Ant is a year younger than Carmen, and he wants to be just like his awesomely cool big sister when he grows up!

Because who wants to go by “Erlantz”?


SKIN: LA3D Sebastian Grant
HAIR: Espresso (custom texture)
SHIRT: Evil Innocence Polo (custom texture)
PANTS: Cowboy Pants (custom texture)
SHOES: Bossy Boots for M4

Mairstela Sinclair – the Mom

Mari is the main small animal vet in New Skye. She has a passion for rescues of all types, but particularly Chihuahuas!

Mari Sinclair


SKIN: Celia
HAIR: MSC Moon Hair (custom texture)
DRESS: Selene (Daydream mats)
SHOES: MM Tunic Pumps

Argi Sinclair – the Dad

Argi is a Social Studies teacher at a public high school in a town nearby. He and Mari are avid tango dancers and teach classes on the weekends.

The family portrait shows the most recent version of Argi, but the gallery includes a few earlier versions from Feb. of 2017.


SKIN: Joshua
HAIR: 30’s Male
OUTFIT: 30’s Menswear