Stirling Residence – Exterior & Interiors


The Stirlings live in a Victorian-style house on a corner lot near the entrance of New Skye Lumen Academy.


HOUSE: DreamLand Block 20

Sara’s Bedroom

This bedroom has been a LONG time in the making, but I’m finally happy enough with it to start setting up shots in it. (The story opens with Sara in her bed, asleep, so the bedroom is kinda important!)

Later I hope to add some info about what went into making each part of the bedroom, but for now you can just enjoy seeing it in pictures. So even though Sara appears in each of these renders, the purpose of them is to show each part of her room.


HIGHBOY, ARMOIRE, DESK, VANITY: Reflections Victorian Furniture by LaurieS
DRESSER: from Danielle Bedroom, heavily modified and remapped
BED: Regency Furniture
BED SHEETS & COMFORTER: custom-made in Cheetah3D
ARMCHAIR: Bag Chair by Luxxeon
BOOKSHELF: DH Study Furniture
ACCENT CHEST: freebie heavily modified and remapped
HANGING LIGHTS: from Girls’ Dorm Room