Custom Prop: Tissue Box

When I was putting together items for the vanity in Sara’s room, I felt like something was missing, and when I finally realized what it was — a box of tissues — I decided to try making one myself in Cheetah3D.

I modeled in the “flaps” on either side and UV mapped the box so that it’s easy to apply textures to, so I’ll probably offer this as a freebie on ShareCG at some point in the future. I made the tissue texture using procedural nodes in Poser’s advanced material room, and it’s typically a bit more translucent when it’s part of the full set of Sara’s room (b/c of the lighting).

Custom Prop: MacBook Pro

For various reasons, I wasn’t happy with the laptop and smart phone models I already had, so I thought it would be a fun “learning challenge” to try making my own. I created the 3D models and UV maps in Cheetah3D and put the textures together in Photoshop.

After I finished working on the MacBook, I realized that the way I beveled the corners of the base is slightly different from what I did for the lid, but you can’t really see the difference unless the lid is closed all the way. Like I said, “learning challenge”!

Here are both models, lit and rendered in Poser Pro’s Firefly render engine:

Custom-made MacBook Pro and iPhone models

And here are more renders: