Canines of Marehaven Farm

Amber-the Marehaven Lapsitter in Chief

Approximate birth date: January 2012.

We adopted Amber in January 2013, from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue. She wiggled her way right into our hearts — and my lap!

We adopted Amber, the Chihuahua-mix, in January of 2013.

Amber Photo Gallery

Amber vs. The Hallway (Dec. 2014)

Amber has many endearing traits and a few odd behaviors. This short video captures one of her notable oddities: aversion to walking on a leash. But once she finally gets going, her little waddle is completely endearing.

Amber Has Guard Dog Dyslexia (Mar. 2015)

Here’s an example of yet another one of Amber’s endearing oddities: instead of barking at “suspicious people” who are outside while I’m inside, she only ever barks when I go outside, as though she’s trying to get me to come back in. And in her mind, it always works!

Comic created with the awesome web-based comic creator, (View the comic directly on Pixton.)

Amber the Tissue Thief (Jan. 2015)

Whenever I feel the tell tale tug on my pants pocket, I know the Tissue Thief is at it again! (Also featuring Dulcie.)

A Message from Nurse Amber

Made for a friend, but applicable to all!

Holly – Self-Appointed Snuggle Bunny

Approximate birth date: January 2014.

We adopted Holly in January 2015, from Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue. It was Holly’s Sassyesque coloring that first caught my eye, but it’s her absolutely adorable personality that captured my heart!

Dulcie – Guardian Against Invisible Attackers

Approximate birth date: January 2013.

We adopted Dulcie in November 2014, from the Longmont Humane Society. She had already been adopted out and returned for being too fearful, but Cynthia had her heart set on the pretty blonde Chi with a food name (Coriander), so I worked some Chihuahua-Whisperer magic and won her over.

After not making a sound for over six months, Dulcie gradually began finding her voice, and now she’s our most vocal guard dog. But she does have her kryptonite: the sound of doorbell and elevator dings on the TV.