Harvey Drummond & Family

Harvey Drummond – the Love Interest

Harvey’s father had to leave their London home on some mysterious Lumen business, so he sent Harvey to live with his grandmother, Augusta, in the American Lumen settlement in New Skye, Colorado. Harvey arrived in town just in time for Sara to show him around New Skye Lumen Academy on the first day of the Fall Term.

Harvey’s not entirely sure he’s “all that,” but his fellow 10th graders at New Skye Academy certainly think so.

Augusta Drummond

Augusta is Harvey’s maternal grandmother and the owner of a B&B in New Skye, where Harvey now lives (amidst the embarrassingly over-abundant reminders of his British heritage). Augusta came to the US shortly after Harvey was born.

Bidelia Drummond

Bidelia is Harvey’s paternal aunt, who will make her way to the US a few years after the story opens and develop a friendship with Gladys.

Sara gives Harvey the Academy Tour

Here are the same renders as below but in comic format, just to illustrate what that might look like. This was just an experiment, so nothing about the design is “finished”!

Here is a storyboard I made as a “proof of concept” to help me figure out what would be involved in producing renders for a comic. The scene isn’t particularly exciting, but I could see it clearly in my mind so that made it a good candidate to try and bring to life in graphics.


SET: Trinity Atrium (custom textures)
LOCKERS: from East Park High set