Opal Hamilton & Family

Opal Hamilton – the Bookworm Friend

Opal is a year younger than Sara, but they’ve been friends since they first learned to read at an unusually young age and helped each other make their way through the New Skye Public Library.

Opal does not share her family’s ambitions to hold more power in the Lumen Council and often wonders if she was perhaps switched at birth with the child of a nicer, gentler, more studious family.

Opal’s shy grin


HAIR: Knotty Tails

Pamela Hamilton – the Nemesis

Pamela is a year older than Sara and considerably more popular and influential, but she has long harbored a nasty jealousy of the attention Sara gets because of who her father is.

If Pamela looks scary to you, you know how Sara feels!

Pamela’s resting bitch face

Donella Hamilton- that’s Madame Mayor to You!

Pamela’s and Opal’s mother is from the MacDonald Lumen clan, which wields considerable power in its own right. Once she joined forces with the Hamiltons, it was only a matter of time before she’d become the Mayor of New Skye.

Mayor Hamilton

Campbell Hamilton – the Dentist

Behind every successful woman is, well, herself. And the powerful family she married into in order to climb the Lumen power ladder!

Campbell is content to let the spotlight shine on his wife, the mayor, while he dreams up new ways of sculpting perfection out of the mouths of his patients. Yes, he’s the town dentist. What else would he be with a first name that means “crooked mouth”?